1) Course on Google Analytics

• What is Analytics
• Google Analytics - a preview
• Understanding Terminology
• Analytics Interface
• What are the different parameters that Analytics provide.
• Live website to work on Analytics
• Implementing Google Analytics
• Using analytics tool
• Case Study

2) Course on Google Webmaster

• Introduction to Google Webmaster
• Understanding terminology
• Webmaster Interface
• Understanding usage of Webmaster
• Insights with Webmaster
• Using webmaster to improve you website

3) Course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Introduction to SEO
• On-page SEO
• Off-Page SEO
• Introduction to technical SEO
• Allocation of live sites to work on
• Understanding Keywords
o How people search
o Understanding competition
o planning strategy for keywords
• On Page SEO
o MetaTags
 Title
 description
 keywords
o Content is the king
 How to write content
 various types of content
 various checks on content
 Optimizing Video and Images
• Off-Page SEO
o Linking strategies
o Blogging as a SEO Tool
• Search result display customization
• What not to do (black Hat techniques)

4) Course on Digital Marketing

• Allocation of live websites to work on
• Introduction to Digital Marketing
o Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
 What is digital marketing
 Life cycle plan
 Planning a digital campaign
 setting parameters for digital marketing
 Configuring various mediums (google/bing/youtube etc)
 DGS-PEM strategy for Campaigns
 Creating content for Marketing
o Social Media Marketing (SMM)
 What is SMM
 Identifying Personas
 Getting likes and subscriptions
 Content Creation
• Execution of SEM
o Identifying Personas
o Goal Setting
o Discovery of current position
o Execution (live campaigns)
o Pay per click (PPC) - How it works
o Setting up a PPC account - Google Adwords account
o Selecting keywords - 5 smart strategies & Tools
o Creation of Ads
o Setting up geo and budget for a campaign
o Monitoring and optimizing CTR (click thru rate)
o Optimizing landing pages to capture Leads
o Monitoring competition
o A/B Testing
o Advance CTR / Lead Capturing
o Advance campaign Optimization
o Re-marketing (Advance)
o Reporting Basic and Advance
• Display and Banner Advertising
o Introduction to Display advertising
o Planning & Budgeting
o Understanding CPC / CPI
o Understanding Cost & Revenues
o Different types of Ads
o Setting up Performance parameters and monitoring them
o Optimizing performance / cost and revenue
o Revision on introduction to SMM
o Preparing formats for persona identifications
o Setting Goal & time line
o Content Creation - Top strategies
o Being Visible
o Call to Action - Share / Like
o Promotions on Face book
o Promotions on Twitter
o Liaising with influencers
o LinkedIn - developing networks